• IBIS - Integrated Bank Information System  for the largest Bulgarian bank - BULBANK Ltd, Sofia – as the subcontractor of Infosistemi S.R.L. – Italy, from 1991 till 2003.
  • Information systems for the management of the activities at local centres for collection of unsold periodical printed matter - newspapers, magazines and others - for Infosistemi S.R.L. – Italy (15 installations).
  • Information and control system for the management of the activities at a national centre for collection of unsold periodical printed matter (newspapers, magazines and others) from the local distributors and returning the goods to the national publishers - for Infosistemi S.R.L. – Italy.
  • Medicinal Drugs License Conrol and Registration system for the National Agency of Medicines, Bulgaria.
  • Software systems developed for the World Trade Centre “INTERPRED” - Sofia, Bulgaria, including Human resources management system, Phone services support, Company Relations Data system.
  • Knowledge-based advisory system for ice cream production for DELTA Ltd Varna, Bulgaria.
  • Inventory control systems, pricing, orders and sales support for commercial and industrial companies.
  • Phonetic search and recognition in hotel reservation systems (CAP debis sfi GmbH-Berlin, Germany), 1993.
  • A number of Account Settlement Centre applications for Highway Toll Collection systems (CSRoute – Paris, France, OBS – Sofia, Bulgaria), 1998 - 2002.
  • Internet applications – groupware and unified messaging systems for business applications (KAPSCH AG, Vienna), 2000 - 2002.
  • Generation and management of working schedules of employees; Sales and accounting transaction system (Tree Star International BV –The Netherlands), 2001 – 2005.
  • Data Acquisition and control systems in electric power supply networks (ROCON – Sofia).
  • Business process management system (Palmerstone Ltd. – Sofia).
The company has experience as a distributor of software products (SAPIENS).